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Why You Should Use Uber…RIGHT NOW!!

Smock Using UberTransportation services are a common thing today. You find that there are some many services out there on the market. With many services to choose from, Uber is one of the most popular solutions today. Uber is a growing and ideal luxury that lets you request for a private driver straight from your phone.

This is done by the use of a software that is installed on any iPhone or Android devices. The software that is on your phone uses dispatch services as to get the nearest driver to your location.

As an individual, you will find the Uber car service to be of advantage to you. This is an ideal service if you do not have a car and you need to get around. If you are new to Uber, you need to know how it works and also get to understand why they need to use app.

How Uber Works

The services provided by Uber are quite simple and one can get access to a driver quickly and at ease. First of all, one needs to get the app and sign up for Uber. Once that is completed, one can start using the various functions form within the app.

First, simply choose the car type you would like. You have options ranging from Uber X, Uber XL, Uber Black & even Uber T (local taxi). You may be required to put in your current location and even the address of the destination.

Once a car has been found, the app then alerts the individual and then provides them with the details of the driver. These includes the drivers’ name and license plate number. Also, you will be provided with the route to be taken, plus the estimated time of the journey. If the destination is not in the system, you can just tell the driver of where you need to go.

Once the trip is finished, the passenger is charged by Uber, which is done through a non-cash payment system. The passenger and driver are allowed to rate each other, which is ideal for customer feedback and testimonials.

The fares are set by Uber. Each city has its own different services. The fares are calculated using the per mile rate formula or per minute rate formula. Passengers are not required to tip since this is already included in the total coast of the fare.

Furthermore, there are places on the web in which you can get your hands on a first time riders coupon. These coupon codes for Uber are a great way of saving while you decide if the app so something you would use long term.

In case the weather is bad or during rush hours, the prices are increased. This is referred to as Surge Pricing. Also, you can split fare cost if they are more than one in a vehicle, the app has an option for that. As a passenger, you will decide whether this is the best option for you to get around the city or not.